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Sindi Koyana

"Thank you Straight A Tutors for the difference you guys have made to Sbusi. She has had very low levels of confidence but her exposure to the tutoring has had a positive impact."

Workshop - Trish Stephens

"Haydn loved the workshop, especially the second day! He asked if he could go back and do another day, and was even disappointed to hear there were only two days.

Thanks Nick, fabulous to have him off his iPad for a period over the holiday and get his brain ticking again!"

Lynne Roberts

"In 2017 my daughter who is an A Grade student was worried about her English as this was the only subject she was not getting an “A” average in at the end of the first term.  I contacted Straight A Tutors and they referred us to their English expert tutor – Honi – who took my daughter from a 79% average in English in Grade 9 to an 86% average and then went onto obtain the highest certificate for the Grade 9 year.  We highly recommend Honi as a tutor as she is so experienced, calm and extremely dedicated.

Well done Straight A Tutors- we think you are amazing."

Lynne – (a most impressed parent)

Tegan Moodley

"After moving from Grayston Prep. in 2012, Sadie enrolled at Straight A Tutors for Maths and continued tuition for the past 4 years.  Unfortunately due to us relocating to Cape Town we had to end this relationship.  The tuition has added great value to her Maths performance and she has gained a lot due to the exceptional and professional services rendered by Nick and his team.  I would gladly endorse and recommend Straight A Tutors to any parents looking to improve their children's academic performance.

Nick, I am forever grateful to you and I wish you and your team all the success in the future."

Workshop - Natalie Reid

"When I picked up Antonia after each day her response was always "That was awesome".  To create such a positive outcome each day is a great achievement - Making learning a fun and dynamic experience. 

Antonia loved that there was group work for the more complicated questions after the individual questions as well as the outdoor activities."

Kirsty Roberts

"I am an A average student but was not able to get my A’s for English – that was until Honi came along.  She is so kind, patient and an excellent teacher. With her help I went onto win my Grade 9 English award with  the top mark for a student in that Grade. I highly recommend Honi to take you to the next level.

Thank you Straight A Tutors and especially Honi."
Kirsty – Grade 10 student

Pauline Nicholson

"... It goes without saying that I will punt Straight A Tutors to anyone who could use your services."

Workshop - Julia Kattic

"James had a great time and really loved every minute.  When I collected him at the end of every day, he was full of stories about all the fun things he had enjoyed doing."

Workshop - Anonymous

"This type of workshop promotes quick thinking, yet also pushes the children to use their analytical skills and reasoning in a fun, non-pressurised environment. It also clearly allowed them to see maths in a fun and practical way!"

Nicole Petyt

"I would highly recommend Straight A Tutors for children of any age. The anxiety associated with Maths and Maths tutoring is removed and the time becomes something to which the kids can relate.

This is very special for kids with parents that battle with Maths!"

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